We offer a manual option for our roping chute, and our roping boxes are adjustable, allowing you to practice for a number of different setups.

Our full-size roping chutes are made out of 1 1/2" 14ga, square tubing with 16ga sheet metal.

Inside - 6’8" long 24"in wide, V-ing down to 9" at the bottom, so you can run calves and steers.
Outside - 7’ long 27"in wide


For manual chutes, we offer a flip out tailgate.

team roping chute for sale

Southwest Equine Roping Chute

Made out of 1" 1/2 14ga square tubing.

Cost- $850.00




roping chute for sale

Southwest Equine's Stripping chute is made out of all 13ga metal, is 7’ long, and 24" wide inside.

Cost $375.00

stripping chute for roping arena

We offer a 10ft extension and a 90 degree corner extension. Both are made of 1 ½ 14ga square tubing. The extension V's down to 9". The 90 degree corner extension is 5'6"x5'6".

Cost $700.00 per 10' Extension Cost $700.00 for 90 degree corner.

lead ups for roping chute

Southwest Equine Calf Roping Chute
Manual: $750.00

 calf roping chute

Southwest Equine makes lead ups specifically for our Calf Roping Chute, which are $650.00 per 10' section. 

calf roping chute and lead up

Our roping are pipe boxes 16' long, 8' wide, and made out of 2 1\2", 11ga pipe. They are adjustable boxes, so if you would like a shorter boxes they can be adjusted.
Cost 375.00

premade roping boxes